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Show potential patients why they should call you

We have the capability to tackle almost any marketing project you may have. We have experience designing mailers, brochures, referral pads, magazine ads—you name it! And as with all our services, we don’t consider a project done until our client LOVES it.

Welcome Brochure

It’s sad but true: Many dentists miss out on substantial cosmetic dentistry service revenues, simply because their patients are not aware that their dentist offers cosmetic services. Be a “file cabinet millionaire” no more! Educate your new patients before they even visit your office for the first time with a “Welcome Brochure.”

A strong Welcome Brochure meets these objectives:

  • Validates the new patient’s choice to visit you
  • Introduces the doctor(s)
  • Builds comfort and familiarity with the practice
  • EDUCATES the patient about the services you offer
  • Encourages the patient to ask about your services during their visit

Give yourself a great opportunity to increase cosmetic case inquiry and acceptance by letting your new patients know about the services you offer before they even step in your doors for the first time.

Our Welcome Brochure is well thought out, well designed, and sure to impress your new patients. Take advantage of this easy way to educate your new patients and encourage them to consider your fantastic cosmetic services.