CEREC Treatment Videos that Hit the Mark

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CEREC treatment videos are more compelling than a still image of a crown mill.

Have you seen any good CEREC treatment videos lately? We have. In fact, we have a few clients who have really good CEREC treatment videos. A doctor’s ability to provide a same-day crown is a big deal. CAD/CAM technology has really shortened the time it takes to produce a new crown. Patients love it; they […]

Mobile and Video: Two Words to Know for 2017

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60 percent mobile devices

MOBILE SEARCH IS PAST THE TIPPING POINT; MOBILE VIDEO CONTINUES TO CLIMB. Pay attention: Mobile and video are the two most important words to know for 2017. Our friends at Search Engine Land tell us that the majority of Internet searches are now on mobile devices. Specifically, 68% of searches for health-related topics are done on mobile devices. Mobile […]

Website Maintenance – What is it, and Why Do You Want it?

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DentalCMO Website Maintenance

In addition to producing world-class websites, microsites, branding and videos for our clientele, a key offering is website maintenance. This is the ongoing work of hosting, updating and protecting clients’ websites. Last year, our team spent hundreds of hours on “back end maintenance” for our clients. Here are the five main categories of maintenance work we performed […]

Patient Testimonial Videos Convert Viewers into New Patients

Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonial videos featuring actual patients convert viewers into new patients. Why? Because video testimonials provide a very human connection with your would-be patients. Having actual patients talk about how good you are as a dentist is far more credible than you talking about how a good you are. Patient Testimonial Videos Bring Instant Credibility Video testimonials should be […]

Video Helps Patients Know You, Choose You

Video Dr. Jeff Gray | DentalCMO

If a picture is worth 1,000 words – how much is video worth? According to Forrester Research, about 1.8 million words. When you, as a dentist, include video on your practice website, you are letting your prospective patients see you. They can hear your voice and they can see you smiling. There are three key components […]

Dental Practice Websites (Anissa Holmes Podcast)

Anissa Holmes Rusty Curtis Podcast High-converting Dental Practice Websites

We’re talking about Anissa Holmes and “Delivering Wow” today. Anissa recently asked us how to create high-converting dental practice websites. Her conversation with Rusty Curtis was shared via her world-famous podcast. How to Create High-converting Dental Practice Websites: A few highlights of the podcast: Dental practice websites sites rarely reflect the quality of the dentist. A good site gives people what they […]

Dentist Websites: Before and After Example

Gearin Dental Dentist Websites Before

Dentist websites frequently show “before and after” examples, right? The “before” photo shows teeth before work is done and the “after” photo shows finished dental work. The results are intended to show dramatic differences and help people see that the dentist really knows his or her stuff. So in that same spirit, we want to […]

Dental Patients Judge Dentist’s Logo

Dental patients prefer the logo on the left.

Do dental patients consider the quality of a logo when choosing a dentist ? Dental patients absolutely do. Rusty Curtis, CEO of DentalCMO, took to the streets to find out for himself. Armed with two logos, Rusty asked passers-by which dentist they would choose, based only on the visual information he provided. People responded unanimously, preferring one dentists over another – for […]

Your Practice Website Must Be Mobile Friendly, Part 3

Dental practice websites need to be mobile friendly.

Smartphones have become the preferred method for online everything. If your practice website is at least three years old – you might be missing out on new cases (and revenue). The shift to mobile devices as the preferred method for accessing the Internet happened in 2014, and has only picked up steam since then. We’ve […]