Dental Practice Videos

What’s Included

Our dental practice Video Package is intended to give you a fantastic arsenal of superb video assets, which you can use on your website, social media, in your office, and as commercials. Our base package includes all of the following:

  1. One Welcome Video

    (2-3 minutes)

  2. One Optimized Homepage Video

    (10-15 seconds)

  3. Up to Three Treatment Videos

    (1 minute or less)

  4. Up to Three Testimonial Videos

    (1 minute or less)

  5. Office Tour

    (10 – 12 high-resolution office photos)

  6. Doctor and Team Photos

    (two high-resolution photos of each team member in one office)

Check out examples of these assets below!

We can also put together a custom video package to meet your specific practice needs (e.g., additional treatment videos, testimonial videos, commercials, multiple locations / multiple doctors, etc).

Dental Practice Video Package

The Power of Practice Video

Not all dentists are created equal. You know this. Thousands of dentists are frustrated because they know they offer higher-quality dental care to their communities than their competition. Yet, somehow, that competition is still capturing patients that should be going to the better practice. Is this your dilemma?

You may have had the thought, “If I could only effectively communicate how awesome my practice is to potential patients, they would choose me over my competition.” Guess what? You are EXACTLY right. IF you can communicate the value of your dental care in a compelling manner, those potential patients WILL choose you, Doc! And that is the very power of the best dental practice videos.

Just how effective are dental practice videos, and why are they so impactful? Well, when done correctly, a practice video essentially hacks the human decision-making process. It replicates and conforms to the patterns that create powerful memories and emotions in real life. Here are a couple stats to illustrate the point:

Video is exceptional at communicating your brand in a sticky way. Viewers retain about 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. When reading it in text, they only retain about 10%! (

Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%! (

Video is memorable. Video builds TRUST. Video builds familiarity and comfort. Video is engaging. Video DRIVES ACTION. Video is the preferred information-acquisition medium of today’s consumers. An increasing proportion of consumers won’t even visit a business until they watch the firm’s online video. Think that’s true for dentistry? You think correctly if you answered “Yes.”

Why Choose DentalCMO to Create Your Dental Practice Videos?

DentalCMO produces legendary (and often imitated) practice videos that capture and convey the very soul of an exceptional dental practice. We can accomplish this because we are expert storytellers. We know exactly how to compose practice videos that perfectly strum the strings of consumers’ decision-making processes. The result is a huge advantage our clients enjoy when potential patients are choosing between them and their competition.

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Welcome Videos

A welcome video is a chance to introduce potential patients to both your practice, and more importantly, to YOU. Done right, a Welcome Video can replicate the “love at first site” magic people feel when they meet that special someone for the first time. Except in this instance, that special someone is you. And that “love” is the trust and comfort-level they immediately feel with you. Unless you’re just drop dead gorgeous. Then they might be feeling more than just trust and comfort.

The hurdle you face in dentistry is that consumers generally have a moderate-to-high level of anxiety when it comes to visiting a dental practice. If your video consists of you in a lab coat reading a teleprompter into a camera, you are doing nothing to break stereotypes. You look like a robot. A cold, pain-inducing, money-snatching robot. This does not inspire potential patients to call you. However, showing potential patients the things you like to do in your community with your family DOES initiate the process of trust-building.

People like doing business with people they like. A great welcome video shows your potential patients exactly why they should like you. We include authentic, heart-warming testimonials from your grateful patients in your Welcome Video. We love to show flattering shots of your local landmarks and scenery. This associates you and your practice with things your potential patients are already familiar with and adore. And, we are especially fond of capturing sweet and joyful interactions between your team and your patients. These are just some of the secret sauce ingredients that have made our dental videos famous over the years.

But as they say… “the proof is in the puddin’.” Check out one (or all) of our example Welcome Video’s below and pay attention to how you feel as you watch. You will notice that you feel comfortable with the doctors you see — as if you already know them. So comfortable that, If you’re in their town, they will be the dentist you want to see. And THAT, is exactly how DentalCMO can make your potential patients feel about you when they watch your Welcome Video.

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Treatment Videos

What would you say your closing percentage on case presentations are when you get to speak with patients in person? 33%? 50%? Over 70%? Now what would you say your closing percentage is on cases that you don’t talk to the patient, they just see a mailer for you? .1%? 1%? How about an insanely high 2%? In all reality you are probably 50-100 times more likely (if not way more) to close a case in person than through an impersonal advertisement.

Treatment videos give you the ability to make the perfect pitch about your dentistry, every single time someone watches it. A perfectly produced Treatment Video gives potential patients the information they need to understand the procedure. It shows them squirm-free footage of a treatment and the technology used. Most importantly, you explain the treatment in a way that establishes your authority and trustability. This cements you as the preferred dentist to receive this treatment from.

You may remember the 1984 hit, Karate Kid. In it, Mr. Miyagi patiently instructs “Daniel-san” in the martial arts. “Wax on, wax off.” As Daniel learns from his teacher he develops a deep respect for him. Why is that?! Because Daniel can now fight back against the bullies? Only in part. The greater cause of Daniel’s deference is because it is human nature to respect and trust those who teach us. Treatment Videos capitalize on this phenomenon. Your competitors are going to have one heckuva time trying to unseat you from the sensei pedestal your potential patients will place you on after watching your amazing Treatment Videos.

Take your dentist hat off for a minute and watch the below Treatment Video examples. If you were a potential patient looking for one of these treatments and price wasn’t your only consideration in selecting a provider, would you want to pick anyone other than the dentist who just taught you about said treatment?

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Testimonials Videos

When potential patients are searching for a dentist to provide a service for them, they are usually not interested in being a guinea pig. They want to know if other patients have chosen you to provide the treatment of interest. And, if so, did they have a good experience achieve desirable results. You can tell them how great and experienced you are until you’re blue in the face, but only so many will take your word for it. What’s the solution? Let your actual patients tout your skills on your behalf. Consumers are 91% more likely to use a business if the businesses is positively reviewed! (

So why not just utilize written and star reviews? What’s so special about a Testimonial Video? Reviews are great and we highly recommend using our review collection tool (Reveazy) to gather them. But a Testimonial Video is even more persuasive. Have you ever stood in a store, staring at an item and wondering if you should buy it? It has great reviews… you’re just not sure. Then another shopper walks by and, noticing your inner turmoil, states “that product is amazing. It’s all we buy now.” Done and done. That product is now in your cart and you are on the hunt for the next item on your list. Personal testimonials are powerful.

DentalCMO Testimonial Videos are strategically shot and produced to maximize their potency, because we want potential patient to choose our clients, not the competition. We therefore pull out the stops and hit your potential patients right in the feels when they’re trying to decide which dentist to select. A punchy Testimonial Video leads the potential patient to stick your practice in their “cart” and move on to their next life decision.

Below are some example Testimonial Videos. Take a look and see if you feel yourself trusting the discussed dentist more.

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Optimized Homepage Video

Including a short, cinematic video in the background of a website homepage is hot right now. The reason the video needs to be short is so that it loads quickly and doesn’t bog down the user experience. This 10-15 second video may seem trivial, but it is the first dynamic impression you’re making on many of your potential patients. It needs to be great! Fortunately, making great videos is what we do. We’ll be sure to capture the most engaging and impactful moments to use in your Optimized Homepage Video.

Office Tour Photos

Consumers like to know what to expect from an experience. Especially when it involves something that makes them a little (or a lot) nervous. Letting your potential patients check out your practice prior to their first visit builds up their comfort level. Ideally, you have a beautiful practice that you are happy to show off. But even if not, we can still shoot photos that show your practice in the best light possible.

Below are some sample Office Tour photos.

DentalCMO Testimonials

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What should I do to prepare for my dental practice videos?

Our videographers do most of the heavy lifting (literally!) for the shoot. Your assigned videographer will coordinate the logistics of your shoot with you directly. Any specific items needed from you for the shoot will be planned and discussed during that coordination.

What practice disruption should I expect during the video shoot?

We have perfected the dental practice video shoot process over the last several years. We can get in and out with next to no inconvenience to you over the course of two-three days. Business as usual. During this time, we will capture all the dynamic footage we need to make incredible videos for you (that live up to the DentalCMO name). In many instances you will not have to alter your practice schedule AT ALL. We will only need a little space to set up cameras and lights for interviews and maybe a seat at your team lunch. Some dentist’s barely even notice our videographers are there during the work day.

Do I have to shut down my practice for the shoot?

Nope. See above.

What disruption should I expect outside the practice during the video shoot?

This is the really fun part. We love to get amazing footage of you enjoying your hobbies (with your family where possible). We’ve shot things like cross-country skiing in Alaska, dirt-biking in Utah, yoga on a paddleboard in South Dakota, ice-fishing in Michigan, raising aid puppies in Texas, surfing in California, and almost any other hobby you can think of. We find that dentists are THRILLED with this kind of footage because not only does it communicate the human side of you to patients, it captures beautiful moments of things that you love doing. Think about it. You have a professional videographer capturing you relish in your favorite hobbies and with your favorite people. This is footage you will cherish.

Does DentalCMO provide the practice video scripts?

A huge reason DentalCMO videos are so effective (and admired) is because they’re not scripted. DentalCMO videos are known for feeling natural, comfortable, and conversational. Patients respond warmly to our videos because they feel that the dentist they’re watching is being authentic, and that they aren’t reciting a canned script. To achieve this, we have a structured way in which our videographers lead the interviews with both you and your patients. This process elicits fantastic and genuine clips that we can then piece together to create amazing final videos.

How do I schedule my practice’s shoot?

Ready to schedule? Fantastic!

Keep these things in mind when scheduling your shoot:

We typically encourage a practice to book their shoot at least six weeks in advance of their desired shoot date. The shoot typically spans two days (usually a Thursday and Friday). We can be flexible with the shoot days to accommodate special events or atypical schedules.

Make sure the days you select actually work. If you have to reschedule, we are happy to work with you, but we don’t want you to lose money on nonrefundable travel. Remember the old adage, “measure twice, cut once?” In this case it is “check your schedule twice, book once.”

Who owns the videos DentalCMO shoots for me?

You do! Your footage and finished videos are your intellectual property (though we do ask you to let us show them off). Enjoy!

What if I want more than the Standard Video Package?

No problem. Most practices have us shoot extra videos while on location because incremental videos are discounted.

“Video is a great at getting you found online. Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (behind Google)? YouTube is also the #2 social media platform (behind Facebook)! What does this mean to you? If someone in your market is interested in same-day crowns, and they stumble upon your video when searching… you have just “taken the lead” in the race for this patient.”