Your Practice Website Must Be Mobile Friendly, Part 2

Smartphones are the preferred method for going online.

If your dental practice website is at least three years old, you are missing out on new patient revenue. This is because mobile devices are now the preferred method for accessing the Internet, and your site must be mobile friendly to keep up with consumer changes.

In last week’s post we explained Reason #1 why your practice web site must be mobile friendly. So today we present the second of three reasons your practice must have a mobile-friendly website now!

Google Penalizes Practice Websites That Are Not Mobile Friendly

Google became the #1 search engine in the world by giving its users a great experience. Because mobile devices are now the most commonly used tools for accessing the web, Google wants to ensure a good experience for mobile users. This means your dental practice’s website must be mobile friendly.

Want to gauge your practice website’s mobile friendliness? Then use this useful tool to use to see  if your site is mobile friendly. Your results should say, “Awesome! This page is mobile friendly!” If your practice site is not mobile friendly, Google may ignore you! Do you want Google to penalize your dental practice?

[IMAGE with caption]
DentalCMO - mobile friendly practice website
Google analyzed our website and confirmed that it is mobile friendly.

Why does Google Penalize Practice Sites that Are Not Mobile Friendly?

Why would Google ignore you? Because Google doesn’t want to display search results that are useless to a mobile user. Their goal is to increase search traffic, especially mobile search traffic. If your practice website doesn’t adapt and display itself properly on a smartphone screen, Google may not include you anymore in search results.

If your existing website is not mobile friendly, you can’t “tweak it” and make it so. Quite simply, you need a new website that will appear properly on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. These are called “Responsive Websites.” These mobile friendly (“responsive”) websites work better, they give the people what they want, and they convert more visitors into cases.

Later this week we will provide Reason #3 (of 3) why your practice must have a mobile-friendly website now!

Click here to download the informational one-sheet, “5 Capabilities Your Practice’s Website Must Have in 2017.”