Give Your Practice an Unfair Marketing Advantage

Unfair Dental Marketing Advantage.

When most potential patients are looking for a new dentist, a practice must clear three main hurdles to make it through to their final selection process. At DentalCMO we refer to these criteria as “The Big 3” and they are money, time, and fear. Depending on the value set of the shopping patient, the priority […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using ChatGPT in Dental Marketing.

How to use ChatGPT in Dental Marketing

Yes, we’re all pumped about the potential of OpenAI’s ChatGPT service and are blown away by its capabilities. However, just because it’s the hot new thing does not mean that you should race to use it on everything you can. In this article we’re going to briefly cover three things you can/should use GhatGPT for […]

Schedule Your Instagram Reels directly through Engager! 🎉

We know it’s been a long awaited update.. And it’s FINALLY HERE! You will now be able to schedule and publish your Instagram Reels directly from your Engager dashboard. 🙌 Up until now, Facebook Meta has not allowed any Reels to be published through any third-party tools. In the past, this meant that you had […]

Planning a winning TikTok strategy

Planning a winning TikTok strategy Even if you’re an expert on other social media platforms, it’s essential to remember that TikTok is its own chaotic, beautiful monster that requires time, research, and a game plan to conquer. In this post, we’ll cover the planning process that will create a foundation for your winning TikTok strategy! […]

Getting Started on TikTok

At first glance, TikTok might seem like a silly app for short dancing and comedy videos. However, with over 1 billion monthly active users, the opportunities it presents to small businesses are juicy. With the ability to see and be seen on TikTok, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to connect and engage with […]


The long awaited feature request is FINALLY here. With the updated Instagram API, you are now able to post automatically or schedule up to 10 images in one Instagram post (otherwise known as “carousel posts”) directly through Engager! 🥳 Up until recently, Instagram did not allow carousel posting through any third party software. They’ve recently […]

Social Media Spotlight: Keeping up with the Trends

As with all digital marketing, social media is constantly evolving and changing. If you’re running a business in 2022, the only course of action is to adapt to the changing times. And trust us, reels are one trend that you definitely want to keep up with. Creating reels is an incredible opportunity to connect with […]

Creating content for your content library and why this is a MUST

When used properly, Engager can ease your social media workload and improve your social media presence. Creating a content library is a great way to build up quality content before scheduling it out onto your content calendar. Since many of your posts often fall into similar categories, Engager content libraries are a great way to […]

What is a reel and why is it important right now?

Let’s get real about reels. What are reels and why should you care about them? Instagram has recently released the ability to create 15-60 second short form videos called reels. No photoshop or video editing software needed — Instagram has everything you need right inside its platform to create these videos, including audio, effects, stickers, […]