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“We have had great success with our website over the years and built it out with many pages of great content. We reached a point however where we knew we needed to update it and also knew it would be a massive undertaking. We trusted the work to DentalCMO and are pleased we did. We feel the new design and messaging is right on target for our market and are happy to work with DentalCMO on additional projects.”

-Chris Hammond, DDS

“I opted for a website refresh for two main reasons: 1) to make my site more SEO compatible, and 2) to freshen it up and and bring it up to speed—technologically speaking. What I received as a final product I am more than happy for my patients and potential patients to see. The guys at DentalCMO are friendly, talented and very easy to work with. Thanks for an excellent job, DentalCMO!”

-Stephen Ratcliff, DDS

“I absolutely love the marketing materials DentalCMO put together for us. -I had friends literally rave about my new website on Facebook and share it with their friends. DentalCMO seems to truly care about my practice’s success and I look forward to growing it with their help.”

-Jon Schaack, DDS

“It was time for me to open the doors to my own practice and I wanted to make sure we started on the right foot. I liked the idea of working with one group who could help me create a logo/stationery, build a website and set up a Facebook page that spoke to what type of practice we wished to be. DentalCMO put together a package that met my needs AND my budget. I love how my marketing materials turned out and have received many compliments on them. I definitely think DentalCMO helped me get my practice off to a great start!”

-Brady Camp, DDS

“I am very happy working with DentalCMO on our dental marketing plan. This complex service was effective and personal attention was given to how each phase was applied to our dental practice. I know my partners at DentalCMO truly care about our success and you can trust them to apply their business and dental marketing expertise to your practice also.”

-Don Ohlsson, DDS

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