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+ What Is Dental Content Marketing?

Since mankind’s appearance on this earth, they have practiced and improved upon the art of trapping. [Hey, before the advent of predictable farming and food preservation, people had to take what they could get. Hipster vegan restaurants weren’t around yet.] Hunting was one option to get their recommended daily serving of protein, but what about animals difficult to hunt? Humans learned to build clever traps to capture their targets, but they faced a serious issue. How does one get the animals into said traps?

Early man noticed that animals forage or hunt for the food they like. So our ancient friends figured out they can gather up this food and strategically place it to attract the animals to a desired location. They would set up what are called “bait trails,” which are exactly what they sound like. A trail of bait would catch the attention of nearby animals and lead them to the trap. The bait at the head of the bait trail would be out in the open and easy for an animal to access. After eating the first piece of bait, the animal would advance down the trail, eating the delicious morsels as they go. Finally, the last piece of tempting bait was skillfully placed in the trap. The animal would move in for the final serving of their free meal and SNAP! The trap would spring, and our ancestors would have a meal of their own.

This is content marketing (AKA inbound marketing). Obviously the end goal of your practice marketing is a little different than our trapper buddies, but the process is the same. We help you by creating a trail of valuable content that a potential patient wants to consume. For example, someone in your market might be actively searching for information about CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea. So we write website content about the convenience and effectiveness of new oral appliances. A consumer finds this bait trailhead while searching online and bites. Your page is informative, engaging, and exactly what the potential patient was looking for. [You just educated them and are earning their trust.] Your page mentions a few different sleep apnea topics which link to other pieces of content on your website. The potential patient follows the bait trail, consuming the information they are interested in. This whole time you are enticing them and leading them to a point where they find it easy to call and schedule. [You have established your authority and they trust you enough to call.]

How Valuable Is Content Marketing for A Dentist?

Half-speed Plan

90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search. (Status Labs, 2018) (Source:

Full-speed Plan

Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs. 2.5%). (Source: Aberdeen)


Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)

+ Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Practice

Content marketing isn’t a new concept; marketers have been employing its principles for hundreds of years. But the capabilities of software and the Internet have exploded the prevalence and sophistication of content marketing techniques. In fact, many dentists spent about a decade with content marketing as their highest marketing priority. This is because content is a huge component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “Content is king!” is the oft-repeated chorus of SEO specialists. And this is absolutely appropriate and understandable. The whole purpose of a search engine is to index, prioritize, and deliver content to those searching for it. However, only considering the SEO impact of content marketing is a narrow and constricted view. Content marketing spans many mediums and marketing streams.

Building a content marketing network to educate potential patients and establish your authority takes its fair share of time and effort. But it is worth it! Below are five major benefits that great content offers your practice:

  1. Consumer-Friendly.

    Modern consumers are getting savvier. Yes, unfortunately, some do equate their Google search with a doctor’s degree. But many just like to have a better idea of what’s what, so they can make a more informed decision. The point is that many consumers will research before contacting a practice or scheduling a treatment. You can be the practice that provides the information they are looking for in an easy to access and consume format. If you don’t, nothing is preventing the consumer from finding your competitor’s content.

  2. Build Loyalty.

    You might even want to call it obligation. When you consistently provide great information, consumers feel positive pressure to pick you when the time comes to select a dentist. Imagine you’re really getting into cycling, and you want to learn how to do more repairs yourself. You search online for how-to guidance and find a fantastic resource. It is a bicycle specialty-tool business. Their website provides clear and intuitive instructions to perform every repair and upgrade imaginable. When the time comes to buy those specialty tools, don’t you think you will be inclined to buy from this helpful business? Won’t you appreciate what they taught you and feel obligated to repay them? Exactly.

  3. Establish Authority.

    Potential patients don’t want to trust their smile to a hack. This is one of the reasons that the About page on your website is one of the most frequently viewed on your whole site. People want to know who you are. They also want to trust that you know what you’re talking about AND that you have successfully performed the treatment they’re interested in on many others. Great content that educates and informs their decisions, with accompanying proof, is compelling and will convince potential patients of your authority.

  4. Drive Traffic.

    Every piece of content you produce is like placing another piece of bait that someone can find. The more bait trials you have, the more opportunities for potential patients to find one. And when they find it, IF it is good, they will follow it back to your practice. As you are already probably thinking, building extensive and diverse bait trails can drive a significant amount of traffic to the destinations of your choosing. Remember, content takes many forms and can play a role in all of your marketing streams.

  5. Residual Payments.

    Buying ads is like going to a restaurant or grocery store. You have to pay for what you eat. If you don’t buy ads, you don’t get those new patients. Conversely, content marketing (particularly online) is often like planting a fruit tree. You won’t have fruit to eat immediately. You will have to keep watering and nurturing that tree. But when the fruit tree does mature, it will feed you year after year. Building a library of magnetic content on your website will help you create streams of interested patients that flow to your website for years to come.

+ How DentalCMO Writes Content

We write content that CONVERTS |

Yes, it is important that the content on your website is technically accurate and represents your practice well. But some dentists forget that they are not trying to convince other dentists to visit their practice, but non-dentists. It’s critical to be engaging and convincing in your content so a potential patient will want to choose you. Come off as too clinical and potential patients may skip over you for the “fun” dentist they heard about down the street. We write in a friendly and conversational tone so consumers feel like they can relate to you. What’s more important, to look like a distinguished academic to other dentists, or to get your phone to ring? DentalCMO helps you with the latter.

We write unique content |

Unfortunately, way too many dental practice websites on the web are stuffed with duplicate content. (Duplicate content is text that was copied from another website and pasted directly to another.) This is a big no-no in the eyes of Google, et al. We often see this on websites that were created with a dental marketing company’s template, or when a dentist hires a marketing group that doesn’t know dentistry — so the group pilfers content from another dental practice’s site. When performing content research for a new client, It is not uncommon for us to find hundreds, or even 1,000+ other dental websites using the exact same copy.

We make sure to use the KEYWORDS people are looking for |

A keyword is a specific search term that marketers try to attract more traffic for. For example, If you want to get found for “veneers” in your market, you may want to use keywords like “smile makeover,” “instant orthodontics,” “cosmetic dentistry,” and (of course) “veneers” in your content. Ideally, you produce enough quality content using the right keywords so that search engines deem your website relevant when someone in your market searches for those keywords. DentalCMO’s content writing service includes keyword research and building a plan to use those keywords in the content we produce for your practice.

We write and post regularly |

We’ve worked with enough dentists to know that you’re smart. Really smart. Many dentists (and maybe even you!) are fantastic writers and could craft wonderfully written content. The rub is that then you wouldn’t be doing dentistry. You may be able to punch out a beautiful article for your website or a local publication that any potential patient would be impressed with. But can you — or would you want to — do that every month? Well, that’s what we bring to the table. We can consistently crank out great content for you so you can keep delivering quality dentistry to your patients.

We factor voice search into our writing |

More and more web searches are being performed by digital assistants. “Hey, Siri! How long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?” This new search trend is being increasingly factored into search engine algorithms. We take this into consideration when we write content for your practice. Wouldn’t you like for Siri to answer the above question with a pithy answer and a link to your website? While we can’t guarantee that will be the result, we can sure give you a good shot at it.

Dentalcmo Content Writing Service Options

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Half-speed Plan

Don’t let the name full you. Slow and steady wins the race. The half-speed plan is the perfect option when you know the importance of consistently adding content to your website but have budget constraints. Like clockwork, we’ll add 1-2 blog posts or a 1/2 long-form page worth of content to your website every month.

Full-speed Plan

Want to accelerate the search engine love your site gets? Double the pace of the half-speed plan and we’ll write 2-4 blog posts or a full long-form page worth of content every month.


Not into normal human speeds? Let us know and we can work out a turbo-boosted content writing plan for your practice.

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(Some excerpts on this page are pulled directly from The Book on Dental Marketing.)