What’s trending: TRENDS and why they matter

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What’s Trending:? Trends

Short form video is beginning to pop up and take over multiple platforms of social media. We’ve come a long way from consumers visiting websites to read in depth articles or educate themselves on topics of interest. In 2022, consumers want to be informed in a fresh, creative way. Enter trending reels.

Under the Reels tab in the Instagram app, a user is able to scroll from reel to reel. Although this new form of social media may seem overwhelming at first, there are a lot of marketing advantages. Unlike posts which take up only a fraction of the screen, reels are a full screen immersive experience. For that little amount of time, there is nothing to distract from the message you’re putting out there. From a marketing standpoint, this is an incredibly powerful opportunity.

Trends on Reels can include everything from lip syncing, mouthing something over an audio, a certain song, etc. A trend gives you the opportunity to take a presentation that’s already popular and make it fit with your messaging. When replicating a trend, focus on trying to solve a problem within your niche. It doesn’t have to be complicated or long! You may feel apprehensive about following a trend/audio that you did not come up with. Don’t feel that way! It is actually MUCH harder to go viral with something that’s completely original. The current trend is to actually follow a trend with your own spin.

Here’s a great example of a trend that a dental practice took on and made their own: