NEW FEATURE on Engager: Selecting Thumbnails For Scheduled Videos

Nothing breaks your social media flow like a poorly chosen thumbnail. Whether it’s blurry, hard to see, or an awkward facial expression, it’s something you cannot change after you post it without completely deleting the post and reuploading it. This can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Introducing the ability to choose a custom thumbnail […]

Mobile and Video: Two Words to Know for 2017

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60 percent mobile devices

MOBILE SEARCH IS PAST THE TIPPING POINT; MOBILE VIDEO CONTINUES TO CLIMB. Pay attention: Mobile and video are the two most important words to know for 2017. Our friends at Search Engine Land tell us that the majority of Internet searches are now on mobile devices. Specifically, 68% of searches for health-related topics are done on mobile devices. Mobile […]

Website Maintenance – What is it, and Why Do You Want it?

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DentalCMO Website Maintenance

In addition to producing world-class websites, microsites, branding and videos for our clientele, a key offering is website maintenance. This is the ongoing work of hosting, updating and protecting clients’ websites. Last year, our team spent hundreds of hours on “back end maintenance” for our clients. Here are the five main categories of maintenance work we performed […]

Your Practice Web Site Must Be Mobile Friendly, Part 1 of 3

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“Mobile friendly” is everything these days, because smartphones have become the preferred method for accessing the Web. If your website is at least three years old you might be missing out on new revenue. The shift to mobile devices as the preferred method for accessing the Internet happened in 2014. That shift has only picked […]

How to Write Effective Dental Website Content

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News flash! Consumers care about how you present your information, not just what you present. Copywriting for dental websites is a tricky business. Making Dental Implants seem like a pleasant experience takes more than a little “word-smithing”. You need to truly understand and address deep-seated consumer fears and trepidations about visiting the dentist, even for […]

Dental Local Search Marketing

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Someone is trying to find you. Throw them a bone! Local search and check-in services are growing in popularity at a “you better get with the program quick” rate. More and more folks are finding local businesses through services like Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare and other new ones that pop up almost daily. Do you […]

Does Dental Marketing Work?

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As with many others things… it depends. It depends on the quality of your dental marketing. It depends on the strategy of your dental marketing. It depends on your target market and a multiplicity of other factors. Though we would love to claim that there is one magic marketing silver bullet that works great for […]

How to use Email in Your Internal Dental Marketing

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Have you ever tried to solve a problem, only to find much later an opportunity was right in front of you the whole time? Your dental marketing, and especially your internal dental marketing presents many such cases. Consider over the last five years how easy technology has made it to communicate with your patients. If […]

Google Places Dentist Page

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For the vast majority of dentists (excluding some specialists), your target market is your immediate geography, meaning the 3-5 mile radius surrounding your practice. There are obviously exceptions, but we will use this figure for now. Let’s next discuss what a Google Places page is, why it is so valuable and how to set up […]

Dentist Website

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Our dentist websites are definitely one of DentalCMO’s most requested services. You may wonder, “what really makes a great dentist website?” We’re going to answer that question to the best of our ability right now. A great dentist website is made up of three things: great design, great strategy and great optimization. Let’s tackle one […]