Social Media Spotlight: Trends are trending!

Categories: Dental Marketing

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Trends are Trending right now on Instagram and it’s never been more popular to copy someone else’s ideas! Identifying and creating your own unique spin on popular reel trends can increase your reachability and connect you with those interested in what you have to offer. With all the tools you need directly in the Instagram app, Reels are quickly becoming the future of success on social media.

Which leads us to our spotlight of the months — Dr. H Hanson in Woods Cross Utah. Dr. Hanson does an excellent job of creating a reel that’s unique to his field of expertise, while using an idea/trend that is popular on Instagram. This reel, using the popular audio track “Check It Out” created by ohthelareny, is being used across all fields. From hairdressers, to dance studios, to farmers, this reel has been used to highlight benefits in each field. Dr. Hanson took this idea and made it his own with screens from his Smile Makeover process and his patient’s journey. This reel allows future patients to “peek behind the curtain” of the smile makeover process. This is extremely valuable for connecting with people who would be interested in their own smile makeover. Keep up the good work Dr. Hanson!