Patient Testimonial Videos Convert Viewers into New Patients

Patient testimonial videos featuring actual patients convert viewers into new patients.


Because video testimonials provide a very human connection with your would-be patients. Having actual patients talk about how good you are as a dentist is far more credible than you talking about how a good you are.

Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient Testimonial Videos Bring Instant Credibility

Video testimonials should be real and authentic. You should feature real people, regardless of their age or physical appearance. Dentists who only feature “beautiful” people are going to come across as phony or staged. We respond well to people who look like us, talk like us and have had similar concerns about their smiles. When would-be patients view genuine patients saying good things about you as a dentist, that sticks with people. They start to see you as the solution to the problem. When they experience someone being moved to tears because they are so happy with the outcome of their visits to you – that’s the clincher that turns them into new customers.

Patient Testimonial Videos Are Memorable

Of course, written testimonials are better than no testimonials. But a patient’s video testimonial can be highly memorable. Video testimonials convey the excitement in a patient’s voice. It shows their new smile in action. It shows the happiness (and relief) in their eyes. These are the cues that people notice and remember. They bond with the people they see in the video and they are far more likely to remember that message than anything written they have seen.

We are visual creatures; we process visuals so much faster than we process written words. Patient testimonial videos sink in faster, and stick around longer in a would-be patient’s mind. These are powerful tools in turning viewers into new patients.

Put patient testimonials videos to work for you in 2017, and you’ll have a happier new year.