How to Write Effective Dental Website Content

Categories: Dental Marketing

News flash! Consumers care about how you present your information, not just what you present.

Copywriting for dental websites is a tricky business. Making Dental Implants seem like a pleasant experience takes more than a little “word-smithing”. You need to truly understand and address deep-seated consumer fears and trepidations about visiting the dentist, even for regular hygiene procedures.

For example, dentists may feel perfectly comfortable discussing cutting open gums, drilling down into jawbones and then screwing into place titanium posts. Now picture 65 year-old Wendy who has been terrified of dentists since her childhood because of a few particularly painful visits. She is not going to skip into your operatory begging for a full set of implants after reading the description above.

Here’s a different approach-
“Dr. Jones truly cares for his patients and makes sure they are comfortable through every step of the dental implant procedure. He expertly places the dental implant (post) and monitors healing diligently to ensure your comfort and the implant’s long-term stability. He then mounts your beautiful and natural looking new crown to the implant. All you need to worry about is not showing off your new smile too much!”

Take your dentist hat off for a second and think how you would respond to these different approaches. If your dental website is full of terrifying technical details while your competitor has a warm and reassuring approach, good luck to you.

Your dental website should be full of content that helps a consumer feel at ease and conveys to them that they can trust you and your team. Use euphemisms liberally, but don’t resort to standby terms like “You’re going to feel a little pressure.” Consumers know exactly what that means.

Another important component that should carry through all of your dental marketing materials is a concerted effort to build up the value of your services. Whether you speak to your potential patients through your dental website, social media, mailers or whatever else, your focus should be building the value of you and your offered services—not discounts! Emphasize quality, service and compassionate care and you will attract patients who care more about the value you offer instead of the discounted service your competitors do.