Give Your Practice an Unfair Marketing Advantage

When most potential patients are looking for a new dentist, a practice must clear three main hurdles to make it through to their final selection process. At DentalCMO we refer to these criteria as “The Big 3” and they are money, time, and fear.

Depending on the value set of the shopping patient, the priority of each of these three items will vary. For some people, your proximity to them is a must. For others, they will not even consider you if you don’t accept their insurance. And some will fly across the country and pay out of pocket if they trust you.

If your practice has been able to satisfactorily pass the potential patient’s initial selection process, your practice is most likely one of two-to-three final options. At this point, what is the most compelling marketing tool to tip the scales in your favor?

The strongest dental marketing campaigns utilize stellar dental practice videos to give themselves an unfair advantage at this point. Quality video increases conversion rates in your marketing for three main reasons:

  1. ENGAGEMENT Strategically-planned and excellently-executed dental practice videos are tremendously more engaging than a text explanation of why a patient should choose you. Dynamic visual content is easier to consume and is more enjoyable to the average viewer. Consider the number of hours people watch tv vs reading a book. When you can hook a viewer with your video, they are more receptive to your message. Check out this example video we created for one of our awesome clients, Dr. Rick Hagstrom, out of Southern California.
  2. RAPID COMMUNICATION Forrester research determined that one minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.7 Million words. That’s 1700x more than the old “a picture is worth a thousand words” standard. Thousands of impressions, concepts, and date points are communicated through video. When done right, these messages are building an almost unbeatable case for why the searching patient should choose you. They understand what to expect from their visit to your practice, the mannerisms of your team, and the depth of your expertise.
  3. BUILD TRUST Not only is the viewer digesting an enormous amount of information about your practice, but because they are becoming familiar with you, they are becoming comfortable with you. That comfort inherently builds trust. And trust… is almost unanimously agreed upon to be the #1 factor in a consumer’s buying decision.

Outsmart your competition by playing to the psychological principles driving consumer behavior. Leverage quality dental practice videos on your website, on your Google My Business profile, in your social media, in your practice, and in your advertisements. By doing so you will be giving yourself an unfair advantage in your market.