Dentist Website

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Our dentist websites are definitely one of DentalCMO’s most requested services. You may wonder, “what really makes a great dentist website?” We’re going to answer that question to the best of our ability right now.

A great dentist website is made up of three things: great design, great strategy and great optimization. Let’s tackle one at a time shall we?

  1. Great Design

    A great dentist website, simply stated, looks great. There are so many “bargain” websites out there that look dated (even when they’re new) or just don’t look good at all. Most of our clients target women / moms. To clue you in guys… aesthetics matter to women. -They must inherently have more refined taste. Be sensitive to design and invest in something that looks good and you will have a better chance at succeeding with the ladies. Produce a website with great design and you will be one step closer to a great dentist website.

  2. Great Strategy

    When creating your website, think through every word and every gesture that you would like potential clients to go through. Here’s an important thing to remember… potential patients don’t care about you. They care about themselves, their time and their loved ones. They don’t want to land on a homepage that only talks about the dentists. When folks are looking for a dentist they want to find relevant information quickly and easily. What are some things that your patients ask when looking for a dentist? How about—
    “Where are you located?”
    “What insurance do you take?”
    “Why is your practice different?”
    “What is the doctor like?”
    If these are the questions people want answered, think how much more successful your dentist website will be if you answer those questions succinctly and impressively right on the homepage. Compare that to someone sifting through page after page of your website without being able to find what they’re looking for. The purpose of your dentist website is to bring new patients through the door. Make things as easy, clear and attractive as possible for potential patients and you will improve your new patient inflow.

  3. Great Optimization

    This great dentist website characteristic is pretty self-explanatory. If someone can’t find your website, they’re probably not going to call you. If you want your dentist website to be successful, then you better make your dentist website visible. Invest in optimization or you will just end up with a very pretty digital billboard that no one looks at.

Hope the three characteristics of a great dentist website was helpful for you! Let us know if you would like more information.