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Dental websites are one of our most (if not the most) frequently requested services. Dentists are recognizing the shift in how people find businesses and are trying to make the shift themselves by creating an effective dental website to get in front of and then attract new patients. Many dentists neglected this opportunity (tisk tisk) not necessarily because they wanted to, but because they didn’t know where to start in going about setting up an effective dental website. We’ll review at a high-level some things to keep in mind when creating/building your dental website.

Location. Location. Location.

Chances are, you built your practice in a strategic location, hoping to attract a specific patient base. When building your dental website, you must think along the same terms. Your marketing should focus on the three, or five, or however many mile radius surrounding your practice. People search for local businesses online based on location. For instance, when Jenny, the 35 year old mom with two kids, searches for a local dentist she doesn’t just punch in “kids dentist” then hit search. She searches for “pediatric dentist McKinney TX.” If you make your url and then fill your site with information about how you are a pediatric dentist that serves McKinney TX and specific surrounding towns, you’ll be much more visible in searches. McKinney Pediatric Dentistry is one of our favorite clients because they understand the importance of dental website marketing and are excited to do it right.


With the amount of competition in your area for dental patients, your dental website needs to be seen as relevant and authoritative in the eyes of google in order for them to rank your dental website higher and put it in front of the eyes of your potential patients. A phenomenal way to do this is to have an active and dynamic blog that offers relevant information regularly and is keyword rich. Your dental website keywords will obviously include your location. If you are so inclined, you can also link your blog with social media accounts (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc) so that when you publish a new blog post on your dental website, it will automatically post to your social media pages.

Look good!

If the inside of your office looks like it is 10-15 years old and it wasn’t even done well when it was first put together, your patients will think you are either not doing well or that you’re not on top of things. Either conclusion is not good for your practice. Your dental website should not only offer valuable and informative content, but impress people and help them feel like you are on top of things. Think about when you are trying to find a nearby business. If you run across two stores nearby that seem to offer the same widgets you’re looking for at about the same price, but one has a sharp, well put together website and the other is hideous, which widget store are you going to go to? It is no different for your dental website but it is probably more poignant for your potential patients because often times it is the mom looking for the dentist, and they definitely care about aesthetics.
Hope these high-level tips gave you a good starting point as you consider building or rebuilding your dental website. Give us a call if you are also interested in working with DentalCMO on your dental website.