Best way to sell? Stop selling

One of the most successful ways to promote your business on social media is to stop trying so hard to sell. Yes, we know it sounds backwards. Let us explain.

The consumers of 2022 are smarter than ever before. They can see straight through a pitch or an ad. With so many of those out there (especially on social media), they have their guard up and the “unfollow button” locked and loaded. They turn to social media to find authentic content they’re interested in.

Enter our Social Media Spotlight of the month: Dr. Joseph Field! He’s obviously a brillant cosmetic dentist. But you don’t see him talking about pushing or selling his treatments. You’ll notice in the above post, he doesn’t dive into clinical details. Why do you think that is?

It’s because he knows his audience! He isn’t speaking to his dental colleagues or coaches. Posting bloody gums after an implant treatment is no bueno! His audience is not looking for a clinical explanation of how/why he did what he did. Instead, he is giving them exactly what they are interested in — the difference a confident smile can have! Along with the personal experience he had with his patients (a patient testimonial thrown in there doesn’t hurt anything!), this is a perfectly tailored, authentic message to those out there who are interested in a smile makeover.

Take a minute to explore his Instagram profile. He constantly posts about the benefits of dental treatments and not the treatments themselves. He stays on topic by talking about the power of confidence. His tagline is creating confidence with every smile. And he promotes his message with authentic experiences with his patients.

Kudos to Dr. Field and keep up the good work!