Are Dental Websites Still Relevant in Practice Marketing?

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In today’s marketing landscape social media and online directories seem to dominate the conversation. So much so that some dentists are questioning the necessity of having a website for their dental practice at all.

Understandable! It would be great to just cut out the expense of building, hosting, and maintaining a dental practice website. But a word to the wise- that temporary perceived savings might bite you… HARD. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Dental websites remain a vital component of effectively promoting and growing a dental practice.

Let’s explore five reasons why dental websites are still necessary for reaching and attracting your ideal patients:

Enhanced Online Visibility and Reach:

If you are content to take whatever patients that insurance and online reviews send your way and you don’t care if either of those lead sources diminishes, then you are done reading this article. Carry on your current course and best wishes to you. Now, if you want to own a piece of your online visibility and reach more of the people YOU want to reach, then you still need a powerful dental website.

Your website’s visibility and reach will increase as you invest in a technically sound website that checks all the structure boxes for Google. You will need to go deep on relevant, keyword-rich content that answers the question your market is asking so your site can rank more highly. Finally, you will want a beautiful and engaging site to convert more potential patients once they arrive at your site.

Establishing Credibility and Trust:

Your dental practice website establishes credibility and trust in your market by presenting yourself (and your practice) as a professional, reliable, and trustworthy source of dental care. This is achieved through various elements on the website. First off, a well-designed and visually-appealing layout creates a fantastic first impression.

The inclusion of detailed information about your practice’s qualifications, certifications, and expertise, along with profiles of your team, showcases their credentials and experience.

Testimonials and patient reviews play a significant role in building trust. This is referred to as “social proof.” Displaying authentic testimonials from satisfied patients convinces visitors that your practice has the ability to deliver exceptional dental care.

Displaying before-and-after photos, case studies, and educational resources communicates your practice’s authority and commitment to patient satisfaction.

Incorporating trust symbols such as certifications, affiliations, and awards further bolsters the practice’s credibility.

Ultimately, a comprehensive and impressive website instills confidence in potential patients, establishing credibility and trust in the market.

Effective Communication and Patient Engagement:

Younger dentists are growing up with a knowledge of the importance of “building their brand.” We’ve written and taught extensively about what a brand is in the past. Our definition of a brand is “the opinions and feelings a person has about your practice built by their experiences with it.” In other words, your brand is your reputation.

If you are not actively communicating what you care about and the quality of your dentistry, the market will do it for you. And most likely, it won’t be exactly what you want it to be. Why will people believe what you say about your practice? Simple. Because YOU told them. Unless they have overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they will take you at your word. Your website is your central hub for disseminating information about your dental practice, including services, bios, credentials, the quality of your care, etc.

Not only should your website be the hub of your official outbound communication to your market, it can also be a great place to actively communicate with people. A friendly chat tool will turn your site into a live help center. A scheduling tool reduces phone time for your team and gives scheduling patients a satisfying way to get immediate help with finding a time to walk through your doors.

Showcasing Services and Promotions:

When you post a promotion on social media, its effectiveness evaporates after a few hours unless you pay to boost it. It will also be competing against every other interesting thing on someone’s feed. Same thing with almost every other type of display ad either online or in the physical world.

However, when someone visits your website, you are given permission to perform a solo act. Your information is the ONLY information in front of the visitor. You control their experience, and this is the only place on the internet where you can actually do that.

Unlike promotions on other platforms and websites, you are not limited to a certain number of characters or words on your own website. You are not limited to the number of photos or videos you can use (if you could use them at all on other platforms). You can make a stunning, immersive experience for your visitors that they just won’t get elsewhere.

Run Effective Ads:

A display ad by itself is only so effective. Often, it simply sparks an interest in the view to learn more. And where do they go to learn more about your high value treatments? To your social media feed? Do they go on a search through newspapers, magazines, billboards, or community bulletins? No. They go to your website.

The most effective ads quickly communicate the value of your offerings and entice people to learn more. The page on your website that these people are sent to is your digital salesperson. The moment that a potential patient clicks on one of your ads, you then set the stage and control the experience. Your website is a remarkable interactive canvas that can do a phenomenal job of presenting you as the best choice above all your competitors. Directory sites and social media pages can’t do that.

YES. Practice websites are still a must in effective dental marketing. No other platform or service is as good at enabling you to reach your audience, establish your credibility, communicate precisely, showcase your services, and effectively convert your new patient opportunities.

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