Dental Practice Websites (Anissa Holmes Podcast)

We’re talking about Anissa Holmes and “Delivering Wow” today. Anissa recently asked us how to create high-converting dental practice websites. Her conversation with Rusty Curtis was shared via her world-famous podcast.

Anissa Holmes Rusty Curtis Podcast High-converting Dental Practice Websites
Anissa Holmes interviews Rusty Curtis in her world-famous podcast

How to Create High-converting Dental Practice Websites:

A few highlights of the podcast:

  • Dental practice websites sites rarely reflect the quality of the dentist.
  • A good site gives people what they want immediately. They don’t have to search or guess. It’s just right there, front-and-center.
  • How to really tell a story with your website that helps put people at ease.
  • Rusty discusses the huge, positive impact that video can have on search rankings and in showing the value and quality of a practice.
  • The power of service-specific micro-sites to help attract high-value cases.
  • Our “Free Every Three” policy: Clients get a free website redesign every three years.

Rusty made a very interesting point that a website is the one part of the marketing mix that dentists can control. Listings are very objective. Reviews can be very subjective (there’s often that one patient who will never be satisfied). But a good website can create a good first impression that transcends everything else out there. In fact, a good website should be bringing you several new patients every month.