CEREC Treatment Videos that Hit the Mark

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Have you seen any good CEREC treatment videos lately? We have. In fact, we have a few clients who have really good CEREC treatment videos.

A doctor’s ability to provide a same-day crown is a big deal. CAD/CAM technology has really shortened the time it takes to produce a new crown. Patients love it; they go home with a new tooth in a single visit. But dentists need to do a better job communicating the benefits of same day crowns. These systems are not cheap. Dentists who want to recoup their (significant) investment sooner than later need to attract new CEREC cases. Attracting new CEREC cases begins with CEREC treatment videos.

CEREC Treatment Videos for the Win!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s a video worth? A whopping 1.8 million words per minute, according to Forester Research. That’s incredible value.

CEREC treatment videos are more compelling than a still image of a crown mill.

A still photo of a crown mill only tells part of the story. A video showing it in motion tells the rest.

Talking about same day crowns is one thing. Adding a photo of crown mill is better. But, showing how a CAD/CAM system works and explaining its benefits in a treatment video is quite another. How much more powerful is it to watch and listen to a video clip of a dentist communicating knowledge and enthusiasm for same day crowns? CEREC treatment videos create greater credibility for the dentist and build trust faster with patients (and prospective patients).

Here are some of our favorite examples that we have produced recently for our clients:

Dr. Brian Harris in Phoenix, Arizona has a beautiful, benefit-filled CEREC treatment video. His knowledge, skill and expertise in creating and placing same-day crowns is immediately evident:

2. Dr. Dan Sheridan, in Saginaw, Michigan, just produced a CEREC treatment video as well. His expertise in cosmetic dentistry shines through as he discusses how technology helps him create a better final product for his patients:

Dr. Dankworth at La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad, California, lets her enthusiasm show in her CEREC treatment video:

Are you a dentist who has made a significant investment in a CAD/CAM system? Are you wondering how to get the word out about it and recoup your investment faster? CEREC treatment videos can get the job done for you.

Creating these videos and adding them to your website is the first step. Learning how to get the right people to see your videos is the topic of our next blog.


Mobile and Video: Two Words to Know for 2017

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60 percent mobile devices

Search Engine Land tell us that 60% of searches are now performed on a mobile device.

Pay attention: Mobile and video are the two most important words to know for 2017.

Our friends at Search Engine Land tell us that the majority of Internet searches are now on mobile devices. Specifically, 68% of searches for health-related topics are done on mobile devices.

Mobile video consumption continues to increase. Viewers watched more video on mobile devices in 2015 than on computers, and those numbers only increased in 2016. Customers and prospective customers are looking for you on their mobile phones, and they expect to find video. When they look for you, what do they find?

If your practice’s website is not mobile-responsive (meaning it does not automatically adjust itself to appear properly no matter the size of the viewer’s screen) prospective customers will bail out on it almost immediately.

Mobile and video on a mobile-responsive website are key to converting visitors.

Can you see the difference between a way non-mobile responsive website appears on a smartphone (left) and how a mobile friendly website appears on a smartphone (right)?









If you are not providing welcome videos or patient testimonial videos or treatment videos, you’re missing out on a high-converting tool.

Check out Dr. Tommy Nabor’s new welcome video, along with his personal testimonial about how easy and fun it was to create his new videos.

Prospective and existing customers are expecting mobile-responsiveness and mobile-friendly video. The shift in expectation continues to grow.


Website Maintenance – What is it, and Why Do You Want it?

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In addition to producing world-class websites, microsites, branding and videos for our clientele, a key offering is website maintenance. This is the ongoing work of hosting, updating and protecting clients’ websites.

DentalCMO Website Maintenance

Website maintenance keeps your website up and running.

Last year, our team spent hundreds of hours on “back end maintenance” for our clients. Here are the five main categories of maintenance work we performed for our clients in 2016.

1. Site Speed Modifications — Improving a website’s load speed improves its Google ranking. This is what we spent the most time on in 2016.
2. Replacing Plug-ins — As better software tools become available that can optimize a web site’s performance and functionality, we swap out the old for the new.
3. Adding Security Patches — Building-in additional protection for client sites.
4. Hack Clean-ups — Fixing and restoring client sites after a breach.
5. Monitoring Server Health — The server is where websites actually live. Making sure that it always updated and protected against threats ensures your site is always available when people are looking for you.

About 95% of the dental practices who hire us to create new websites for them opt into the Maintenance Package, and for good reason. Here’s what they get with it:

  • Unlimited content changes per month
  • Secure hosting for website
  • 24/7 Website Editor Access
  • Browser Compatibility Updates
  • Website Routinely Monitored
  • Stay Current With Software Updates
  • Site back-up
  • Up to four additional optimized site pages per year (great for SEO)
  • A free website re-design every three years (“FREE every THREE”)

But for many busy dentists and practice administrators, just knowing that someone is always paying attention to their website might be the biggest benefit of our website maintenance offering.

A Sad Website Maintenance Story

Recently, a client who made her own arrangements for website hosting and maintenance ran into some trouble. She ignored repeated emails about the practice’s web address expiring soon, and failed to renew it. The very moment her dental practice’s web address expired, someone else bought it.

The new owner of that url offered to sell it back to the practice for an exorbitant sum. Ultimately, the dentist found it cheaper to buy a new web address and build a new website, rather than pay the “ransom” for the previous url. However, all previous momentum, search engine rankings, etc. were lost when that url went away.

It was a frustrating experience for her, to be sure. And, one that might have been avoided if another set of eyes were on her site.




Patient Testimonial Videos Convert Viewers into New Patients

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Patient testimonial videos featuring actual patients convert viewers into new patients.


Because video testimonials provide a very human connection with your would-be patients. Having actual patients talk about how good you are as a dentist is far more credible than you talking about how a good you are.

Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient Testimonial Videos Bring Instant Credibility

Video testimonials should be real and authentic. You should feature real people, regardless of their age or physical appearance. Dentists who only feature “beautiful” people are going to come across as phony or staged. We respond well to people who look like us, talk like us and have had similar concerns about their smiles. When would-be patients view genuine patients saying good things about you as a dentist, that sticks with people. They start to see you as the solution to the problem. When they experience someone being moved to tears because they are so happy with the outcome of their visits to you – that’s the clincher that turns them into new customers.

Patient Testimonial Videos Are Memorable

Of course, written testimonials are better than no testimonials. But a patient’s video testimonial can be highly memorable. Video testimonials convey the excitement in a patient’s voice. It shows their new smile in action. It shows the happiness (and relief) in their eyes. These are the cues that people notice and remember. They bond with the people they see in the video and they are far more likely to remember that message than anything written they have seen.

We are visual creatures; we process visuals so much faster than we process written words. Patient testimonial videos sink in faster, and stick around longer in a would-be patient’s mind. These are powerful tools in turning viewers into new patients.

Put patient testimonials videos to work for you in 2017, and you’ll have a happier new year.

Video Helps Patients Know You, Choose You

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words – how much is video worth? According to Forrester Research, about 1.8 million words.

When you, as a dentist, include video on your practice website, you are letting your prospective patients see you. They can hear your voice and they can see you smiling. There are three key components to winning someone over. They must:

  1. Know who you are
  2. Trust you
  3. Like you

Nothing helps people get to know you, trust you and like you faster than video.

Video Examples

Let’s imagine you are looking for a dentist. You go to Google and do a search in your local area. You look at the top three results. You go to each dentist’s website. One of them features a video of the dentist. The dentist is smiling. The dentist is working. The dentist talks to you about what he or she enjoys most about being a dentist. The dentist talks about the lives changed by his or her work.

You find yourself listening, appreciating and liking this dentist. You call his or her office and schedule an appointment. The other dentists fall from your thoughts because they made no emotional connection with you at all.

See what we’re talking about:

Meet Dr. Jeff Gray in San Diego, California:

Video Dr. Jeff Gray | DentalCMO

Meet Dr. Chris Hammond in Provo, Utah:

Video Dr. Chris Hammond | DentalCMO

Meet Dr. Adam Almeida in Lone Tree, Colorado:

Video Dr. Adam Almeida | DentalCMO

Video Converts

Dental practice videos convert website visitors into new patients better than any other marketing tool currently available. If you’re not using video on your dental practice website, you may be losing patients to other practices near you who are.

We have a fantastic video & media package available in which we come to your office and produce up to seven videos from one visit. All of the video examples above were produced by our team.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. Video is worth 1.8 million words?

Which would you rather have working for you, attracting new patients – a photo, or a video?

Positive Online Reviews - DentalCMO

Positive Online Reviews (and How to Get Them)

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Positive online reviews are not just important – they are super important to your dental practice’s growth and success.

Positive online reviews for a dental practice are increasingly important in today’s online world.

People searching for a dentist – or dental services – can decide to go with you or avoid you entirely, based on what other people say about you online. A recent survey from Zendesk found that 90% of respondents claimed that positive reviews affected their purchasing decisions. 86% said that negative reviews were also an influencer. In other words, reviews matter when a would-be patient decides to come to your dental practice.

So how to you get good reviews to appear on Google?

These five easy steps will help!

  1. Search for your dental practice by name in Google
  2. When your map listing comes up, click on the button that says, “Write a Review.” If your practice does not show up as a map listing when searching for it by name, you’ve got bigger problems! Call us and we’ll direct you to one of our partner companies who can get you showing up on Google.
  3. When the Google review box pops up, copy the URL
  4. Shorten the review URL by pasting it into Google’s URL shortener here: https://goo.gl/
  5. Send an email to your patients (include the shortened review link in your email) and ask them to post a review of your practice.

Be sure to express your own appreciate to them for their business! When you tell them how much they mean to you, they are more likely to write a positive review.

Positive Online Reviews - DentalCMO

Getting positive online reviews doesn’t have to be tough. These five steps will show you how to get them!


Following these five easy steps will help you accumulate a growing number of positive reviews. Google will then feature those reviews front and center when prospective patients are looking for you!


Dental Practice Websites (Anissa Holmes Podcast)

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We’re talking about Anissa Holmes and “Delivering Wow” today. Anissa recently asked us how to create high-converting dental practice websites. Her conversation with Rusty Curtis was shared via her world-famous podcast.

Anissa Holmes Rusty Curtis Podcast High-converting Dental Practice Websites

Anissa Holmes interviews Rusty Curtis in her world-famous podcast

How to Create High-converting Dental Practice Websites:

A few highlights of the podcast:

  • Dental practice websites sites rarely reflect the quality of the dentist.
  • A good site gives people what they want immediately. They don’t have to search or guess. It’s just right there, front-and-center.
  • How to really tell a story with your website that helps put people at ease.
  • Rusty discusses the huge, positive impact that video can have on search rankings and in showing the value and quality of a practice.
  • The power of service-specific micro-sites to help attract high-value cases.
  • Our “Free Every Three” policy: Clients get a free website redesign every three years.

Rusty made a very interesting point that a website is the one part of the marketing mix that dentists can control. Listings are very objective. Reviews can be very subjective (there’s often that one patient who will never be satisfied). But a good website can create a good first impression that transcends everything else out there. In fact, a good website should be bringing you several new patients every month.


Dentist Websites: Before and After Example

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Dentist websites frequently show “before and after” examples, right? The “before” photo shows teeth before work is done and the “after” photo shows finished dental work. The results are intended to show dramatic differences and help people see that the dentist really knows his or her stuff.

So in that same spirit, we want to show you some of favorite before and after examples of dentist websites, built by our team here at DentalCMO.

Today we’ll show you a great example, Gearin Dental, in Las Vegas, Nev

Dentist Websites Before & After: Gearin Dental

Gearin Dental Dentist Websites Before

Gearin Dental Before


Gearin Dental Dentist Websites After

Gearin Dental After

The Gearin Dental example highlights our focus on helping dentists attract the right kind of patients, not the discount-shopping patients. See the emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, the prominent photo, and a lighter, brighter feel? These aesthetic features really help Gearin Dental put the right (smiling) face forward. Additionally, the new site renders beautifully on smartphones, tablets, etc. via fully responsive coding (Google’s new standard).

We’ll share additional before-and-after examples in coming weeks.

If you have a “Before” that you want to turn into an “After” – let us know.

Dental Patients Judge Dentist’s Logo

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Do dental patients consider the quality of a logo when choosing a dentist ?

Dental patients absolutely do.

Rusty Curtis, CEO of DentalCMO, took to the streets to find out for himself. Armed with two logos, Rusty asked passers-by which dentist they would choose, based only on the visual information he provided. People responded unanimously, preferring one dentists over another – for the logo alone! Why?

Watch the video below to see how it all went down.

The Great Dental Patient Logo Experiment

The Reveal

Did you notice at the end when Rusty held up both logos? Particularly, that both logos were for the same dentist? Because after all, this was a before-and-after experiment to show how quickly superior visuals can impact the decision making process.

Dental patients prefer the logo on the left.

Rusty reveals at the end that both logos were from the same dental office! The winning logo on the left was created by DentalCMO, to replace the old logo on the right.

Why dental patients preferred the winning logo:

Did you notice the reasons why dental patients prefer the winning logo?

Dental Patient #1: “Logo’s a lot more catching – my eye just goes to it a lot quicker.”

Dental Patient #2: “My eyes are drawn to that one.”

Dental Patient #3: “I can tell the design’s a little more thought-out, a little more modern. [The other logo] seems like it’s from the 90’s.”

Dental Patient #4: “Better colors”

Dental Patient #5: “It just sticks out.”

Dental Patient #6: “It’s just more clear”

Dental Patient #7: “It’s more simple. This [the other logo], it’s like what is that even saying?”

Dental Patient #8: “It looks so much more professional.”

Dental Patient #9: “I feel safer. The colors. The other one, I don’t know, it just seems very boring. Dated. I wouldn’t trust them.”

Dental Patient #10: “It’s bright, it’s vibrant, it just caught my attention more.”

Dental Patient #11: “It just looks cleaner and more appealing.”

Dental Patient #12: “It’s just more catchy.”

How are dental patients judging you?

Dental patients clearly make assumptions and judgments about your practice based on your logo. Which is something a dentist might ordinarily consider to be a minor thing. But as Rusty says at the end of the video, “If your branding is buttoned-up, people assume your dentistry is buttoned-up as well.”

How are people judging your logo? Give Boyd a call at 385-312-0016 to discuss the creation of a new, winning logo for your practice.


Your Practice Website Must Be Mobile Friendly, Part 3

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Smartphones have become the preferred method for online everything.

If your practice website is at least three years old – you might be missing out on new cases (and revenue). The shift to mobile devices as the preferred method for accessing the Internet happened in 2014, and has only picked up steam since then.

We’ve already explained Reason #1 and Reason #2 why your practice web site must be mobile friendly. Today, we present the third of three reasons your practice must have a mobile-friendly website now!

Dental practice websites need to be mobile friendly.

Future patients are looking for you on their smartphones. If your practice website is not mobile friendly they form negative opinions about your practice.

You Appear “Out-dated” if your Practice Website is not Mobile Friendly

Consumers form opinions quickly. They expect to see modern, easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate, mobile friendly websites when they search for you on their mobile devices.  They just don’t have the patience for anything else. They are forming negative opinions about your practice and your ability to provide quality dental services to them if your practice website doesn’t appear properly on a smartphone. To remind you, 61% of smartphone users will bail out on your practice website as soon as they realize it is not mobile friendly. With that negative opinion in mind, they are unlikely to give you a second chance.

Before and After Dental CMO

Can you see the difference between a way non-mobile friendly website appears on a smartphone (left) and how a mobile friendly website appears on a smartphone (right)?

You’ll Lose Business (If You Haven’t Already)

If your practice website is not mobile friendly, you have probably already seen a decline in the number of new patients reaching out to you. If this is happening you’ve got to go mobile friendly immediately. As we explained earlier this week, Google penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly. They may have already booted you from the search listings in favor of other dental practices with mobile friendly websites! You’ve got to give customers – and Google – what they want! Give them a streamlined, mobile-appropriate experience on their smartphones.

Other Website Must-Haves

Beyond being mobile-friendly, do you know if your practice website is optimized to get you the right kind of traffic and attract new patients? Find out. Click here to download the informational one-sheet, “5 Capabilities Your Practice’s Website Must Have in 2017.”


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